Artists & Heirlooms

1 (Brendan) How old are you? (EVP WOMAN) "Hes so little"

2.) (Brendan) Keep talkin Barb (Barb) It hardly picked me up the first time I said anything. (EVP Man) "This is my room"

3.) (Jenny) Well it turned on. (Brendan) Well its dead now. (EVP Man) "I'm gone"

4.)(Barbara) Is the man that wears the felt hat here? (EVP MAN) "I hit his back" (Barbara) Will you speak to us?

5.)(Brendan) Can you tell us what its like where your at? (EVP KID) "I didnt eat today"


6.)(Investigator) Then what the hell was that pound over there? You heard it to didnt you? (Brendan) Yeah (EVP KID) "I'm seeing a whole bunch down here"

7.)(Barry) Hey is Jimmy Hoffa in there? (EVP MAN) "Did you Feel That?"

8.)(Brendan) Ok lets go (EVP MAN) "Come Back"

9.)(Barry) If you stick your camera down there don't drop it (Child EVP) "Can I See It"


10.)(EVP Baby crying) NOT LOOPED


11.)(EVP woman) "Don't open this door"


12.)EVP Recorded in a pioneer museum. (Brendan) OK there is some odd humming the background, its the furnace.  I've heard some banging, no big deal,  that also comes from the furnace. Other than that I havent noticed anything weird. (EVP,  old woman as above but in a different language, singing)

13.)EVP Recorded in a pioneer museum. (Brendan) The shelves house artifacts, different historical things, arrowheads,  I've been told one of the boxes has a scalp that was found on the side of the road somewhere, that is human. So thats wonderful. What else, uh it is dusty video and photography would be absolutely useless. (EVP Man) Singing in another language.


14.)EVP Recorded at one of the first Mormon settlements in Utah. (Brendan) I am going to walk down and try and find bryan, let me look here, timestamp is 8:23 so at 8:23 I am now leaving.  (EVP MAN) "Get Out"

15.)EVP Recorded at one of the first Mormon settlements in Utah. The radio problem incident.  (radio noise) (Brendan) OK, what was that? I know I'm not just magically picking stuff up here. (more radio noise) (Brendan) OK I was talking to you guys perfectly not even a few minutes ago. (radio static and then radio starts paging) (Brendan)  This is fantastic. Yeah, I'm getting your page.(more radio noise) (Brendan) OK what was that?  That kind of sounded like a kid. OK this ain't cool, (radio paging again) (Brendan) OK, I'm getting your pages, why can't you answer me. OK, I've got your page, can you hear me now. I couldn't understand anything you just said it comes in for not even a second and if I have to walk 10 houses down I'm going to be upset. OK, I'm putting this down. (radio paging again) (Brendan) Seriously, I'm shutting this off. (dropping radio) Oh great, hopefully that wasn't worth anything. (EVP Woman) "That was funny";

16.)EVP Recorded at one of the first Mormon settlements in Utah. Trying to radio team again (Brendan) Hello, OK, does nobody's radio work? (loud radio static) (EVP Man) "I dont like you.


17.)(Barbara) Will you come and be with us? (EVP MALE) "Will you come and stay with us?"

18.)(Home owner) This is probably where they are because they know we dont come up here. (EVP MAN) "Say Goodnight"

19.)(Brendan) Are you by yourself ? How big are you? (EVP KID) "She knows your alone."